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The Drown
United States
I'm just a kid who likes to doodle, nothing more nothing less. I make characters,graffiti stencils and I'm trying to start a comic or two,I take commissions for any of those listed so just message me if you need anything.Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned

Mostly organizing my work and getting my comics in their final incarnations done on my tumblr so be sure to tune in there too. thanks!

Hey everyone, so recently I decided to stop working on a sci fi comic idea of mine call New Wavers since I can never get a consistent or interesting plot. I’m still thinking of possible plotlines for it given I really love a lot of what I made for it but in the meantime I decided to start a new series instead. Still working on a title but it would be a superhero series set in Vietnam. It’s lengthy but please please give it a read and give your advice! I’ll be uploading the first three characters soon so stay tuned and thanks so much everyone!

     Unlike BLAABR which is a hero series with focused on technology, vigilantism, and more real world subjects with virtually no superpowers, this series would instead be full fledged super hero taking inspiration from My Hero Academia, Batman, Teen Titans, and more. In this universe super human abilities would essentially be the cause for various folk stories, cryptids, and mythological beings once thought to be fiction being real! With the connectivity of the world at your fingertips paired with exploding populations more and more video and photographic evidence of unusual abilities began to surface and while initially brushed off as hoaxes it quickly became apparent that a significant portion of the world possessed “superpowers”, around 15% to be exact. These superpowers can manifest in a number of ways but not to point of being anything like bnha’s quirks more like devilfruits from One Piece for lack of a better comparison. Some people can read minds, others can manipulate elements like fire or water, and others still gain less power based changes but more physical ones like long claws and such. Most of these abilities would similarly be tied to some biological change in the persons body and I’d want to have some pseudo scientific explanation for how most people’s abilities work.

     That said society has changed a bit, with small but noticeable populations of different cities and countries having unusual abilities, things entered a trial period of figuring out what to do. Unlike bnha where the prevalence of quirks or DC’s prevalence of powers either caused people to become heroes or villains, this world went a different path. Most people simply didn’t know what to do with their powers or lacked a practical use for them so for the most part life went on as usual with the biggest change being younger generations pursuing fame using their talents to perform in any number of different ways creating a new niche in the entertainment industry booming with super powered people wanting to show off their skills. Not to mention some abilities made certain jobs much more productive like say someone with increased strength working in construction so recruitment agencies to find powered people the best fitting jobs also surged as did the demand for specific skillsets.

    While entertainment and stardom became the biggest place for powered people, it wasn’t the only. Some did take their powers to crime giving them an inherent advantage of police and in some cases being too unpredictable and dangerous for authorities to apprehend resulting in the creation of specialized units within police forces comprised of powered individuals wanting to help, this universe’s heroes so to speak. These special unit officers ranged greatly in age, aptitude, and powers with the courses being highly individualized so as to place each unit member where they would be of most help in the police or military and were given custom made, military grade suits that worked with most abilities but could be modified for more unusual or specific powers. On the flipside, most superhuman criminals aren’t crooks with an edge, rather they’re outcasts and rejects of this new society that glorifies most powers but often shuns others. People with inherently dark, manipulative, or dangerous abilities are often subject to social isolation in school and have trouble finding work or even walking down the street without warranting fearful or mistrusting glares from the people around them. So called “undesirable skills” in a world where most every power is seen with awe and wonder essentially pushes these social outcasts into the shadows where they often fall into drug addiction, suicide, and seeing nowhere else to turn, crime. They become exactly what society treated them as creating a new subgroup of crime based around these disillusioned individuals who commit crime often without rhyme or reason, only because it’s all anyone ever said they could do.

      The series would follow a college student name Kieu Ngo in the fictional Vietnamese city of Rave City where using her sound based powers would inadvertently become a vigilante named Hollow Voice who, in her quest to test the full limits of herself, faces off against a growing movement of outcasts who no longer want to sit by as undesirables…



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